Saturday March 12, 3:10–3:17 pm
Sunday March 13, 12:00-12:05 pm
Monday March 14, 8:35–9:15 am
Friday March 18, 4:27–4:32 pm
Friday March 18, 5:05–5:10 pm
Wednesday March 23, 12:10–12:55 pm
Sunday March 27, 12:00–12:30 am
Sunday March 27, 3:00–3:08 pm
Monday March 28, 7:20–7:45 pm
Thursday March 31, 11:00–11:30 am
Thursday March 31, 11:45–11:55 am
Saturday April 2, 10:10–10:15 pm

Pinhole Diary


Long exposure photography has the paradoxical effect of recording a durational event while simultaneously erasing it—as with memory. To explore this idea of the elusiveness of the documented event, I kept a diary by making long pinhole exposures of my movements through work, home, leisure and school.

I was delighted to have a selection of this work featured in the 100th issue of Geist Magazine (Spring 2016). Read more about the project there.